About the Program

Launched in 2008 by Thomas Pogge, Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, the Global Justice Program unites an interdisciplinary group of scholars with the aim of taking morality seriously in shaping foreign policy and in negotiating transnational institutional arrangements. The program has a special interest in the evolution of severe poverty and its relationship with public health.

The concept of global justice acknowledges the deep interconnections of a globalized world, and traces individual deprivations back to political and economic structures. It allows us to view events as effects of how our social world is structured and organized — of our laws and conventions, practices and social institutions. To learn more, see Thomas Pogge’s lecture, “What Is Global Justice?

The program supports the work of the Global Justice Fellows and their projects, including the Health Impact Fund (HIF), the Green Impact Fund for Technology (GIFT), Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), Journal ASAP, Journal ASAP Awards, Ambedkar Grants for Advancing Poverty Eradication (AGAPE), the Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize Competition, the annual Global Justice Conference, and the GJP Youtube Channel.