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    FemPov: In search of a just and gender-sensitive measure of poverty.

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    The Health Impact Fund: promoting pharmaceutical and access to medicines, across all income levels.

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    Respect for human rights demands greater financial transparency.

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    Academics Stand Against Poverty: mobilizing the resources and capabilities of academics to accelerate the end of poverty.



Led by Professor Thomas Pogge, the Global Justice Program at Yale is an interdisciplinary group that works on the assessment and reform of global institutional arrangements. For more information about the Program, people working in and affiliated with the Program, and the Projects that our members and affiliates are engaged in, use the above links.

Annual Global Justice Conference 2020

Building Back Better: Reducing Vulnerabilities, Strengthening Justice

will take place 12-15 November 2020. Its main themes are

(i) COVID-19 and its Unequal Impacts;

(ii) Environmental Crisis;

(iii) Historical Oppression, Colonialism, & Racism Today;

(iv) Social & Economic Vulnerabilities, Universal Safety Net & Basic Income, Right to Development & Sustainable Development Goals (UN).

The Seventh Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize will also be awarded.

Here is the Program and Call for Papers: asapconference2020.com

Discussion with Ralph Nader, Gail Bradbrook, James Henry, Andres Carvallo, John Christensen, Gabriel Crouse.  

Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), Global Financial Integrity (GFI) and Yale’s Global Justice Program (GJP) are pleased to announce the Seventh (2020) Amartya Sen Essay Prize competition. The full details are attached to this announcement (see pdf). Please help spread the word and

took place 1-3 November 2019 at Yale and Quinnipiac Universities. It was jointly organized by Yale’s Global Justice Program, Quinnipiac’s Albert Schweitzer Institute and Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP). The Conference Program 2019. Videos of conference presentations and discussions 2019.