GJP Annual Conference 2022. “Justice and Technology”

Program (all times US East Coast)


Thursday, November 10th

09:30-12.00 All-ASAP Meeting with Zeke Ngcobo (ASAP Coordinator), Thomas Pogge; and Michal Apollo & Paul Keller for Journal ASAP. Six presentations of research projects by Maria Ginevra Cattaneo: “Sustainable Development from a Legal and Business Perspective”; Michal Apollo: “Mountain Tourism: a path to more sustainable development”; Thalia Arawi: “Access to Medicines in Areas of Protracted Conflict”; Akinola Akintay: “Trends and Implications for Freedom and Personhood of Nigerian Courts’ Jurisprudence on Privacy and Data Protection - lessons from comparative foreign laws and jurisprudence”; Chia-Yun Po: “Establish Parent Companies’ Duty to Monitor Overseas Subsidiaries’ Human Rights Violations”; and Ismail Ibraheem: “AI and the Receding Human Rights Space: Citizens Data and the Lords of the New Nation State.“  CHAIR: Zeke Ngcobo (ASAP).

12:20-12:30 Opening

12:30-14:30 Panel 1: AI and Human Rights, with Darius Meier (Yale U & U of Lucerne): “The Capabilities Approach in the Context of Advancing Human Labor Automation”; Iason Gabriel (Oxford U): “Toward a Theory of Justice for AI”; Nathaniel Raymond (Yale School of Public Health): “War Crimes in the Ukraine - how technology supports investigation”; Klaus Bruhn Jensen (U of Copenhagen): “The Internets of China, Europe, and the United States - A global institutional struggle over individual data rights.” CHAIR: Darius Meier (Yale U & U of Lucerne)

15:30           KEYNOTE Jeffrey Sachs: “Live Comments on COP27.” CHAIR: Parwez Besmel (Yale GJP & Northern Arizona U).


Friday, November 11th

10:30-12:00 Awards for the Ninth Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize Competition - Presentations of the three coequal winners, alphabetically: Savictor Sobechi Evansibe for “Bombing, Billing, and Cash-Out: the dynamics of illicit flow of money through international cyber fraud by Nigerian ‘Yahoo Boys’”; Kenneth Mahuni for “‘Pandemic in a Pandemic’: Covid 19, public procurement corruption and illicit financial flows in Sub-Saharan Africa”; and Oluebube Offor for “The Paradox of Plenty: a collusion between oil wealth and illicit financial flows in Nigeria’s petroleum sector.” CHAIR/MODERATOR: Tom Cardamone (Global Financial Integrity)

12:00-12:30 Dominic Thomas-James (Cambridge U): “Economic Crime and Transparency”

12:30-14:00 Panel 2: Autonomous Weapons, with Tais Fernanda Blauth (U Groningen): “Human Dignity and Autonomous Weapons Systems: Should algorithms be allowed to kill?”; Wanda Teays (Mount Saint Mary’s U): “The Ethics of Drone Killings and Assassinations”; Wendell Wallach (Yale U): “?Meaningful Human Control?”.  CHAIR: Matheus De Vilhena Moraes (U Estadual Paulista) 

14:15-16:00 Panel 3: Data Privacy with Satyen Sangani (Founder & CEO Alation): “Manipulating Decision-Making and Controlling Behavior by Violating Privacy”; Melissa Faragasso (Cleary Gottlieb): “Current Regulatory Approach to Data Privacy in the United States, and Its Limits”; Christopher Mead (U of Utah): “Privacy, Data Protection, and Blockchain Technology”; Talita Dias (Oxford U): “Addressing Online Hate Speech under International Law.” CHAIR: Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox (Quinnipiac U)


Saturday, November 12th

10:30-12:00 Panel 4: AI and Global Governance, with Joseph Carvalko (Yale Technology and Ethics Group): “Social, Organizational, and Practical Considerations of AI Governance”; Eduard Fosch Villaronga (Leiden U): “Diversity & Robotics Global Governance”; Peter Kirchschläger (U of Lucerne): “Striving for a Sustainable and Human Rights-Based Future - An International Data-Based Systems Agency DSA.” CHAIR: Anat Biletzki (Quinnipiac U)

12:45-13:45 Artur Marchioni and Júlia Bernardes (Unesp, Brazil): “Democracy and Misuse of the Internet: impacts of fake news and hate speech on the performance of institutions”; Mete Han Arıtürk (Dokuz Eylul U, Izmir): “Social Media in the Context of the Relationship between Democracy and Technology.” CHAIR: Daniele Botti (Quinnipiac U)

14:00-15:30 KEYNOTE Ralph Nader (Yale Poynter Fellow of Journalism): “Getting Mobilized to Overcome Coercive Corporatist Powers.” CHAIR: Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox (Quinnipiac U)


You can contact us at yalegjp@gmail.com

The zoom link for all sessions will be https://yale.zoom.us/j/3713192937

You’ll be able to send questions and comments through the “chat”; the moderator will then relay or call on you to speak.