The Seventh Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize

Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), Global Financial Integrity (GFI) and Yale’s GJP announce the winners of the Seventh (2020) Amartya Sen Essay Prize. They are

Erhieyovw O’Kenny for the paper “A Stroke of the Keyboard and Click of the Mouse: An Anatomy of Cyber Frauds as a Growing Component of Illicit Financial Flows.” First prize ($5,000).
Roy Cullen for the paper “Pulling the Plug on Money Laundering in British Columbia, Canada: Lessons Learned and Actions Required.” Second Prize ($1,500).
Philip Mutio for the paper “Illicit Financial Flows and the Extractives Sector on the African Continent: Impacts, Enabling Factors and Proposed Reform Measures.” Second Prize ($1,500).
Brian Collins Ocen for the paper “When the Hunters Learn to Shoot Without Missing, the Birds Learn to Fly Without Perching.” Second Prize ($1,500).
The winners will be honored at a prize ceremony at the next Global Justice conference on November 12-15 (see the program). There were twenty high-quality submissions this year, and we hope to publish some of the best essays together as a special issue of a journal. We thank all those who submitted their work and encourage you to participate again in the Eighth Amartya Sen Prize Competition 2021. Its terms will be announced here shortly.
October 1, 2020