Ninth Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize Competition

With Global Financial Integrity and Academics Stand Against Poverty, the Global Justice Program has announced three coequal winners of the Ninth Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize Competition of 2022. In alphabetical order, they are Savictor Sobechi Evan-Ibe for his essay Bombing, Billing, and Cash-Out: the dynamics of illicit flow of money through international cyber fraud by Nigerian ‘Yahoo Boys’; Kenneth Mahuni for his essay ‘Pandemic in a Pandemic’: Covid 19, Public Procurement Corruption and Illicit Financial Flows in Sub-Saharan Africa; and Oluebube Offor for his essay The Paradox of Plenty: a collusion between oil wealth and illicit financial flows in Nigeria’s petroleum sector. They have presented their work at the awards ceremony on 11 November 2022 in the context of the annual Global Justice Conference. Revised versions of their winning essays will appear in Journal ASAP.

For details about the Tenth Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize Competition, please click.

October 3, 2022